UK Independence Party Forthcoming Elections

Ashford Borough Council elections

 2nd May 2019


Your UKIP candidates:


Beaver - Norman Taylor

Kennington - Pat Purnell

Norman - Neil Burgess

South Willesborough - Dave Glowinski

Stour - Susannah de Sanvil & Eddy Barrows

Victoria - Ann Taylor & Peter Stewart


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An address by Norman Taylor, candidate for Beaver ward

30 years ago, I was not interested in politics. This was partly because I was living abroad in Belgium and partly because I was too busy raising a family, running a business and trying to make a living. I think I somehow assumed that nothing much had changed since the defeat of Hitler and the collapse of Communism. Any changes were just a follow-up to the defeat of these anti-democratic evils.  I thought we were moving forward into a more equal and democratic world.  And then I read a draft of the Maastricht Treaty on European Union.

I was shocked. How could Britain ever sign up to this? Surely everyone could see through this revival of Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin for a Europe run by the unelected. Why could laws only be made by an unelected Commission? Why would Parliament have so few powers? Why were regulations imposed on all countries irrespective of their differences? Why were nation states to disappear into a Europe of the regions? Who voted for this Franco/German empire? Remember, we were not even asked. John Major had it signed without reading it.

As I studied more and discussed politics with senior figures in the Commission and elsewhere, I realised that the Treaty was no aberration but a new world philosophy with is roots in Fascism and Communism. They propose that the world is too complex for ordinary people to understand and so power has to be exercised by an intelligent and educated 'elite'. This self-serving philosophy is gleefully accepted by both the extreme left and right who hold the same contemptuous views of us - 'the people'.

But the philosophy is not limited to extremists on the left and right. As one moderate, well-educated friend explained to me:

"I cannot accept democracy in everything as the people may then vote for things I disagree with".  He said this without blinking and without realising just how arrogant it is.

It has become clear to me that this philosophy has gained so much ground that it is accepted without question as the 'natural order'. We now accept government by the unelected in the United Nations, the EU and a thousand quangos in Britain.

This, then, is the mission for UKIP - to build a new democracy in a Britain – government of the people by the people and for the people - in Abraham Lincoln’s words.

And it tells me what to do at the local level – here in Beaver and the surrounding wards. I must work for you, the people, and ensure that your priorities, your voices, are heard and respected in the Ashford Council.

Below is a Draft of my election leaflet. It’s a draft because it’s not complete. I’ve been talking to local residents and hearing what they want. Now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you – so I can make your priorities my priorities. Over to you.

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